Sustainability at The Learning Center

The Learning Center recognizes our position as part of the natural environment and understands that our actions affect the well-being and health of our planet. Our commitment to instill in children a sense of care and stewardship of the natural environment is at the forefront of what we do. We infuse sustainability into our classrooms through daily practices, projects, and curriculum. 

Sun Club Grant Project

The Learning Center K-8 School is excited to announce that we have been awarded a $108,600 sustainability grant through Green Mountain Energy’s Sun Club program.  This grant will fund the design and construction of a timber-framed outdoor classroom on our school grounds, part of a student educational program this fall with site specific preparation that began in October. Work on this project will continue through next year, with the raising and dedication of the classroom planned for Spring 2023.

The one-of-kind classroom will be designed and built by David Yasenchack, a timber-framing craftsman who will use sustainably harvested timber from the school site and surrounding area. This project embodies the school’s dedication to sustainability and is designed to fit harmoniously into the wooded ravine adjacent to the school building.

To learn more about Green Mountain Energy's Sun Club program visit

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School-wide Waste Reduction and Recycling

We go beyond household recycling and have partners to extend our recycling efforts. Working with Terracycle, and local businesses such as The Green Shoppe, we now recycle plastic bags, yogurt containers, and household batteries.

Promoting Reusable Goods

The school has made a concerted effort to educate our students about the use of reusable goods such as sandwich wraps, water bottles, and coffee cups.


No food waste goes into the trash at our school where compostable material is collected every day during snack and lunch. Once decomposed, we use it to enrich our vegetable gardens.

Rain Water Collection

With our 200-gallon rainwater catchment system, students water our garden beds so that we can conserve water while we enjoy our beautiful flowers.

Healthy Cleaning Products

We research and try to use only cleaning products that are safe for people and the planet.  

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Solar Energy and Energy Efficiency

The school has a small 300-watt stand-alone solar electric system used to charge iPads and computers. Through these systems, the school educates the students about the benefits of renewable energy.

Field Trips and Guest Speakers

We have visited a variety of nature centers and farms in the area, each providing information that supports our desire to live lightly on our earth. 


We’ve covered topics ranging from biomes and global climate change to wildlife habitats and conservation of our natural resources with each classroom, as we learn to be good stewards of the earth.